Mercedes Sprinter w907 2018-2025 Swivel suspension (air seat) base DRIVER or PASENGER

299,00 +TAX (VAT)

  • Mercedes Sprinter 2018-present Swivel seat base for driver or passenger AIR SPRUNG seats. Available for standard non air sprung seats too, contact us for details.
  • For all NON EU buyers, you can buy all our items WITHOUT TAX(VAT) , but  please check with us regards CUSTOMS charges etc.
  • If you are eligible to buy without TAX (VAT) please send us a message regards that and we will send you a TAX (VAT) free invoice. Please always provide full company, address details and mobile number.
  • TUV is not available for this product.
    You can arrange your own courier or pick up from our warehouse.
    We accept returns for all items  returned to us in good condition but we charge restock 5% of the full order price .
    Please send us a message if you have any questions
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