Lift kit 40mm Sprinter RWD 2019-

1.999,00 +TAX (VAT)

Lift kit Mercedes Sprinter from 2018- with rear wheel drive. Picture for illustration purpose.

– Raising the chassis at VA/HA by approx. 40mm
– Suspension Distance Kit (SDK) – Raising is done with spacers/blocks on the shock absorbers or springs
– only for use in vehicles with rear-wheel drive


About the SDK:

With a so-called Suspension Distance Kit (SDK), spacer rings are installed on the chassis. On the front axle, spacer rings are mounted below the top mount of the chassis. On the rear axle, either spacer blocks are used for the lift or extended dampers are used to achieve the lift. *

The main advantage is the gain of more real ground clearance and the possibility to mount larger tires. Usually you don’t get more travel. Our components are designed in such a way that changes to the chassis geometry lead to the lowest possible wear on drive components. Therefore, no extreme lifts are possible with this method.

*PLEASE NOTE: Since the lift kits vary due to the different models, we ask you to pay attention to the details in the respective item description and to contact us if necessary.

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